For more than twenty years Infoelba srl has been the leading company in the world of computer technology and tourism on the Island of Elba.

Since 1999 they have owned the most frequently viewed tourist and commercial information portal of all on the Island of Elba:

Our core business is to create and manage web sites. Accreditation registrar on behalf of the Italian Authorities for the registration of the TLD (the only one on the island) and we manage approximately 900 internet domains. At work we manage a total of 14 individual servers, dedicated to the hosting internet services of our clients. Concerning internet connection, we make use of the major national and international Carriers in the Web Farms where servers have been installed.

Infoelba srl takes care of developing web applications for mobile devices and software that are mostly internet oriented, using the most frequent program terms, supported by MySql database and/or MongoDB, and HTMLƽ, CSSȝ and Javasript client’s side.

Expertise, motivation and passion, these are our most important characteristics that in only a few years have enabled us to become several bodies, firms and private companies, a valid reference point in the computer technology field linked to the world of internet.

We are professional, conscientious and precise, and these are the three fundamental values of our Company; this explains why over three hundred clients have chosen us to bring them on to the market of the net and to be sure of high quality technical assistance.


FastReply® is a Suite that came to be due to the need to manage the numerous requests that arrive at the inboxes of the different types of holiday accommodation, and to be able to do so in a simple but efficient way.

Since tens and tens of emails arrive every day the options were: to answer in a quick but superficial way in an attempt to reduce the large quantity of emails thus risking very few bookings, or to answer each and every email received in a clear and very detailed way in the hope of obtaining more clients but having had to put much effort into it and having taken up a great deal of your time!

Having studied the problem in detail, we came up with a unique and simple solution that enables you to save time, increase conversions and analyze the performance!

Not only that, since FastReply® is in cloud, you can decrease all the work involved and dedicate more time to it at any time of the day!

We work hard every day in an attempt to meet the clients’ needs and requests, offering at the same time advanced technical solutions. We have witnessed our project become bigger day by day and today we can see the first positive results and appreciation on behalf of our clients. This pleases us greatly and encourages us to want to do more and better.


Creating innovative ideas comes from the intersection of different worlds
that look in the same direction.

FastReply® has forged a partnership with Hotelnet, the leading company in software, for the management of online sales in the field of hotel management.
Sine 2007 Hotelnet has provided experts in hotel management with digital solutions and advanced systems that bring greater value by optimizing on line presence and distribution.

Powerful, complete, easy to use, efficient, *5stelle is the 100% cloud management software that gives you more free time and also enrichens your potential.

Hoperator is a multi channel messaging program. Being integrated with FastReply® gives the operator of the accommodation the chance to converse with the potential client when he considers the offer sent to him (via web) and provide any further information if needed when booking.
Hoperator’s widget in the offering template also enables potential guests to have a conversation via chat with the operator.

With the aim of making work tools more efficient and more useful, FastReply® has forged a very close partnership with Customer Alliance, a leading company in systems of management and increase of the on line reviews.
Thanks to this collaboration it is possible to have an analysis of the reputation of your type of accommodation:
- Reviews: Read the latest reviews sent to the review portals (Tripadvisor,, Google etc.)with the possibility of answering;
- Overview: All the reviews received by the portals for the specified period, average rating, total rating and comment rates;
- Suggestions: hints and suggestions as regards strategies to be applied so as to improve your name on line;
- Competitor: An overview of the performance of your type of accommodation compared to that of your competitors;

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