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FastReply® - What exactly is it?

It is a cloud platform that speeds up and “optimizes” the answers via email in a simple and intelligent way that every type of holiday accommodation receives in its in box.

Instead of answering in a generic way or by using standardized models of emails, it enables you to send personalized emails, thanks to the possibility of creating your own models and adapting them to your own marketing needs.

This “Columbus’ Egg” enables you to maximize the answers…and reach more clients!

Who needs it?

At the moment FastReply® concerns anybody who runs any type of holiday accommodation: whether it’s a small apartment or a large chain of Hotels, in short Hotels, Residences, Campsites, B&Bs, apartments, CAVs etc…whether they in the field of Leisure or Business.

How does it work?

Graphic templates can be created in a simple and very versatile way thus enabling you to answer your responsive emails in a clear way and that can be easily seen on a tablet, smartphone and obviously also on a common computer.

The templates can also be copied from pre existing models or created with a simple tool already present in the program.

You can therefore choose (in an automatic way too) a specific template for every type of client (for example singles, couples, couples with children, couples with a pet, people with particular needs like coeliacs or the disabled); you can set specific templates automatically according to the time of year, for example Easter week, weekend offers, special events offers) and much more.

If necessary, the model email composed in this way can be personalized, also based on special requests on behalf of the client, and then sent by clicking on the “view and book” key of your booking directly in the body of the email.

Why does it speed up the answers compared to normal emails?

Once you have created 5/6 templates, that is, models of emails for the various types of clients, all you need to do is insert the client’s email address and the dates he has chosen, then the program suggests the most suitable template.

Why choose FastReply®?

I already use signature tools available from several email software programs with predefined signatures…why should I switch to FastReply®? Because, as well as the personalized signatures that come from several software programs , FRM enables you to create rules that in an intelligent and semi automatic way allow you to choose from several templates.

What are the rules?

Creating rules is a tool that, when you are creating an offer, will suggest the most suitable model for the offer you are sending.

For example: if you are answering a request that concerns a stay for two adults with a two year old child you can create a template where both babysitting and babyclub services in your hotel are highlighted.

If, on the other hand, your hotel offers facilities for pets, the email where these services are highlighted will only be suggested to you if the guest tells you he will be bringing a pet.

In short, in an extremely simple way, it is possible to create very quick rules that allow you to send the most suitable email template to the client you are replying.

This enables you to speed up the answers to the emails from the clients who are interested, and thanks to a complete and graphically attractive answer, the system will transform the requests in bookings. The Return on investment (ROI) will increase incredibly!

Is it possible to connect FastReply® to an on line booking system?

Do you have an on line booking site in your web site? Perfect! FastReply® is the perfect product for you!

Amongst other things, FastReply® enables you to send emails just by clicking on the on line direct booking key directly on the body of your email.

For example, if you have been sent a request for the Christmas week for two adults with a two year old child your client will receive a professional and personalized email that will send the dates and the characteristics of the booking already set up back to your on line booking.

Let’s complete our offer…Suppose the guest we are answering is a long time one who always books a suite…. with FastReply® you can send him an offer only for the “Suite” and maybe also grant him a 5% discount simply because he is a “long time” client.

Can you do this with any on line booking?

Yes! However if you really want to make the most of FastReply® integrated with your CRS bear in mind that up till today the interface works with the following On Line Booking systems: Hotelnet – Netbooking (Gpdati) – Quickbooking (Dylog).

What does interface with on line booking really mean?

Interface with the fore mentioned on line booking systems gives extraordinary functionalities to this tool, that in turn will help to increase the direct bookings in a truly decisive way.

While you are in the process of writing your offer, FastReply® will question your on line booking system so that you will know immediately, while you are writing, if you have an available room or not.

You will have the list of rooms and the cost to be sent to the client directly in the body of your email, with a key next to each of them that the guest can push if he wishes to finalize the booking.

You will know for each email sent if this has achieved the goal of converting into a booking.

What if I don’t have on line booking?

No problem!

FastReply® allows you to answer your potential clients much more efficiently and quickly, you will only need to choose the correct template for each period and manually add to each one the prices in your type of holiday accommodation.

So, all you will need to do is insert the dates of the different periods into the rules so that the software can suggest the correct template with the prices for the period of the offer and that’s it done!

What if I need assistance?

We have created a web site that is specifically about assistance with FastReply®.You will find full details that explain each and every part of the program and the functions as well as assistance when you are creating offers.

On this web site you will also find assistance in Italian, German and French.

How long is the contract valid for?

You can have a free trial period of one month, at the end of which, if you decide it is the perfect tool for your type of holiday accommodation, you can move on to an annual contract and continue using it without losing your personalized advantages.

Differences between the versions?

Today there are three different versions: light, standard and pro. If you wish any further information please fill in the form or email us at

Can FastReply® be personalized?

Any template, rule or words written on the booking key can be personalized to your choice, and this is what makes FastReply® completely flexible and versatile.

Why is the program in Cloud?

We chose to go beyond the typical program normally installed in computers. FastReply® enables you to manage your emails in cloud whether you use: an iPad, an iPhone, Adroid devices and web sites via any computer connected to Internet.

This way you have maximum versatility: with FastReply® you are no longer tied to a specific program and you can run your business wherever you are.

You are no longer forced to spent hours and hours at home or in your office in front of your computer. You can send personalized emails in a matter of seconds whether you are on the beach, on the ski slope, in a queue at the bank or simply at a time in the day when there is nothing else to do.

Besides, thanks to the cloud advantages all the emails sent and received will always be at your disposal, regardless of the device you use to reach the system. In short, it will be like having a personal digital archive that only you have access to using the device that most suits you at the time.

Do I have to install a software in my computer?

No, FastReply® works with no need to install a new software. It is a cloud platform that only requires a login and a password, and obviously internet too.

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