Answer every estimate request sent to your hotel in a personalized manner

A basic rule when answering each request is to do so in a personalized manner; that way you can be sure you are giving the exact information he has asked for according to his needs.

With this in mind, it is vital that the type of accommodation answer the clients’ emails in an adequate and personalized way.

A very useful tool called “creation of suggestion rules for templates” has been created on FastReplyCRO® so as to enable you to automatize and speed up this process, and you can use it when you create a template.

Once you have correctly set up the suggestion rules of your template FastReplyCRO®, while it is creating/modifying an offer, will suggest the best template to use based on the type of information you wish to give your clients.

Needless to say, once you have created your template, you mustn’t forget the public you wish to contact; that way you know you are establishing the limits that you need to be sure the rules will work.

Template suggestions may refer to:

  • Quantity of rooms
  • Code of types of rooms
  • Code of prices of rooms
  • Room availability
  • Quantity of adults
  • Quantity of children
  • Total number of guests
  • Arrival date
  • Departure date
  • Quantity of pets (if any)

If you wish, once you have set up a first rule you can then add others, and each time you apply them you can decide if you want to follow them both, or either. Should you need to create a single template, but more complex, you can create groups of rules.

1st rule → Total number of guests (between) 4 and 5
2nd rule → Total number of children 2 or more

In this way, based on the rules I have set up, I will have specified that should I wish to reply to a family consisting of 4 or 5 with at least 2 children, FastReplyCRO® will automatically tell me to use the newly created template.

1st group of rules
1st rule → Total number of guests between 4 and 5
2nd rule → Total number of children 2 or more


2nd group of rules
1st rule → Arrival date October 14th
2nd rule → Arrival date 21st October

This way, by my rules, I will specify that FastReplyCRO® will have to tell me to use the template I have just created, if I want to send an email with an offer to a family consisting of 4 or 5 members, with at least 2 children, that should arrive either on October 14th or October 21st.

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