Create and answer the estimate request emails quickly and easily

Whether you have a hotel, a residence or a Bed&Breakfast, thanks to the “Shortcuts” tool in FastReplyCRO®, you can create and answer your emails quickly and easily.

The Shortcuts keys are personalized keys that enable you to fill in some composition fields in your emails automatically.

When you are creating a new offer, having a full set of personalized shortcuts means you can send off the emails that have been sent to your hotel in just a few quick clicks.

With FastReplyCRO® you can create your own shortcuts in the following fields:

  • Title: it refers to the field that comes before the name of the guest to whom the offer is sent to: Mr, Mrs, Frau or Mister depending on who you are writing to and in what language.
  • Arrival and departure: these are needed when you wish to specify them again to the guest you are sending the email to.
  • Object: the actual words that will make up the object of the email.
  • Discount code: it can be used only if connected to a booking engine system.
  • How long the offer is valid: expiry date of offer forwarded in the email.
  • Area where text can be modified: a text that can be added in the email that contains the offer.
  • Rooms: total number of rooms, apartments etc.., and the total number of guests in each type of accommodation.

There are many different ways to create shortcuts! You can start with a simple one, very useful if you only want to fill in the Title field, or move on to create more structured rules that enable you to fill in more than one field at the same time.

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